LiveWell RVA podcast – “Mommy, They’re Taking Away My Imagination!” with Pam Oken-Wright

Awakened to Reggio podcast – “A Culture of Conversation with Pam Oken-Wright”

LiveWell RVA: “Mommy, They’re Taking Away My Imagination!” with Pam Oken-Wright

Dory Doyle
Season 1 Episode 25 
September 28, 2020

From Dory Doyle:

As Pam says on her website: “Every child is intelligent, resourceful, competent, and driven toward relationship with other people and the world. But not every child grows up believing this about himself.”

This was a wonderfully insightful and eye-opening conversation with Pam Oken-Wright (author, teacher, educational consultant, keynote speaker) about what we as parents can be doing to help support our children so that they can still be children and use that imagination and curiosity to enrich and drive their education. This is a must-listen for anyone who has or interacts with children, as it gives insight into how the child brain works and how we as adults can support and encourage their development and growth.

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